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Motion Sensing Spider


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This spider has a secret - the hidden motion sensor that will cause it to drop down onto whoever walks by. Eek! Kids can create the spider and wire up the circuit (and learn a bit of electronics while they're at it).

Includes illustrated blueprint instructions, all the materials, and a special-edition FamilyFun mini magazine featuring other creative ways to haunt your house.

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Nov 23 2015

This was so much fun! My son really loved building (and troubleshooting as it was having issues at first) this one!

Thomas H.
Nov 15 2015

This was a fun project to build with my son with some level of difficulty to allow him to learn. Instructions are clear and there were enough extra pieces to fix small errors when not following instructions precisely.

Kyle Q.
Nov 1 2015

We loved how many parts there were - great way to spend an afternoon and not being done in 15 min. Really well designed, super clear instructions.