Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Motorized Wings Costume


What you get

Let your imagination take flight — with a set of flapping, motorized wings you build yourself! Construct the motor box, wire up the battery pack, and hook up a pair of shoulder straps to make your costume wearable. Decorate your wings with colorful stickers, attach them to the motor, then flip the switch to make your wings flutter. Time sure flies when you’re having fun with imaginative play!

This crate may require grownup assistance.

• Includes everything you need to build the motor box, set up the battery, and add a pair of flapping wings.

• Attach shoulder straps to wear your costume like a backpack.

• Get creative! Crate includes over 100 stickers of various designs — from dots to lines to squiggles — to decorate your wings with.

• Follow step-by-step instructions to design your own flapping wings using cardboard from home, then swap out the included wings with your own!

• 23-page booklet includes articles about animal wing shapes, ornithopters, and a look inside the crate’s design.

• Dimensions: 12.2 x 15.7 inches (31.0 x 39.9 cm) per wing.




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

I took inspiration from real-world ornithopters — aircraft that soar using flapping wings! Your wings can’t really fly, but they can still help your creativity soar.

By the numbers

Wings shapes prototyped: 12

Motors tested: 5

Time spent pretending to be a fairy: hours!



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A Happy Nonnie
Nov 8 2022

My granddaughter Loves the wings. She wears them every day to help walk the dogs. I am sending you a picture of her when she was taking her first flight around the house. The second one is when she was on her dog walk.

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