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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Nature Walk Lantern


What you get

Explore the nature in your own neighborhood with a customizable lantern that you build yourself! Go for a walk and search for flowers and leaves to create two unique lantern shades (swap any time). Then build a frame with a light attached and add the decorated shade to complete your masterpiece. You’ll learn all about how seasons work and why leaves change color throughout the year while making an unbe-leaf-ably cool project!






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    Grandma C

    Mar 22 2023

    My 6-year-old granddaughter loved this kit. I read the directions and provided some holding help but otherwise she was able to complete the project herself. The light is quite bright and should be great for a night walk.


    Jan 5 2022

    My niece loved this. She had so much fun collecting the nature items to add to the kit. I got a picture of her and the finished product and she looked thrilled to have put it together.


    Dec 28 2021

    Fabulous item! My granddaughter and I created the project together, and she is looking forward to making the second shade with the remaining materials.

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