Ages 0+

Ocean Explorer Baby Activity Wedge


Dive into sensory and motor play! This activity wedge is packed full of features to explore, with ocean-themed elements to touch, crinkle, slide, and hide. The hinged design converts from a wedge to a block for more to explore as your baby moves from tummy time to sitting up to playing a game of sea-creature peek-a-boo.

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Why it’s awesome

  1. Touch, feel, and learn

    Ten panels full of ocean creatures to explore.

  2. Peek-a-baby play

    Baby-safe mirror placed to encourage tummy-time peek-a-boo.

  3. Slide, crinkle, and hide

    Interactive features make for sensory and fine-motor fun.

What’s included?

  • convertible tummy time wedge

  • grownup guide

Topics explored

  1. Fine + gross motor skills

  2. Object permanence

  3. Sensory development

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    Super cute and love all the detail! There’s so many crevices and textures to explore, even my 1 year old loves it!

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