Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup


What you get

Dive into environmental science with this hands-on sensory eco-adventure! Learn how oil affects oceans and the critters that live in them, and explore different ways to clean up spilled oil — from scooping it up to trapping it in a floating boom. Step into the shoes of real-world wildlife rescuers and environmental engineers as you follow along with the story on each page of the included instruction booklet. Ready to learn what it takes — and what you can do — to save ocean life?


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the Crate Challenge

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

I was inspired by the workers who tackle real-life oil spills with science and engineering, and I wanted to help kids connect with those problem solvers through a series of fun experiments! - Jody, KiwiCo product designer

By the numbers

Wood animals rescued: 25

Amount of oil that was cleaned during testing: 1000 ML

Ways your boom can be created: any way you want!



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Jul 31 2021

What a GREAT teaching. My 3 year old grandson was washing the little animal after the oil compromised his little body! Kiwi company is WONDERFUL at every level. Customer service like no other! Crates are amazing! I send 5 a month to grandchildren from 1-11

Jun 8 2021

Luckily I bought two. My 4 yr old grandchild loved the oiling and washing of animals and mixing color, but this interfered with her 9 yr old brother's desire to follow the experiments. As a former Env. Sci. major and teacher, I loved everything about the activity.

May 25 2021

This was a great science project for our homeschool. The materials are high quality, the instructions are clear, the story is engaging. My kids have already asked to do it again! KiwiCo always provides high quality, engaging material and this set didn’t disappoint!