Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup


What you get

Dive into environmental science with this hands-on sensory eco-adventure! Learn how oil affects oceans and the critters that live in them, and explore different ways to clean up spilled oil — from scooping it up to trapping it in a floating boom. Step into the shoes of real-world wildlife rescuers and environmental engineers as you follow along with the story on each page of the included instruction booklet. Ready to learn what it takes — and what you can do — to save ocean life?


Storage Bin


the Crate Challenge

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

I was inspired by the workers who tackle real-life oil spills with science and engineering, and I wanted to help kids connect with those problem solvers through a series of fun experiments! - Jody, KiwiCo product designer

By the numbers

Wood animals rescued: 25

Amount of oil that was cleaned during testing: 1000 ML

Ways your boom can be created: any way you want!



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Oct 19 2022

Great little kit :) I like that this can be used again and again with simple household ingredients

Jul 31 2021

What a GREAT teaching. My 3 year old grandson was washing the little animal after the oil compromised his little body! Kiwi company is WONDERFUL at every level. Customer service like no other! Crates are amazing! I send 5 a month to grandchildren from 1-11

Jun 8 2021

Luckily I bought two. My 4 yr old grandchild loved the oiling and washing of animals and mixing color, but this interfered with her 9 yr old brother's desire to follow the experiments. As a former Env. Sci. major and teacher, I loved everything about the activity.

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