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Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Paper Airplane Launcher


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Engineer a paper airplane launcher, and take flight with physics! Build a runway, then rig it up with battery-powered motors to send your airplanes soaring. Learn about the history of flight, and how the forces of lift and thrust make it possible. Ready for takeoff?

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Jun 28 2019

The entire family got involved for this crate and we had a blast! We learned how to build new types of paper airplanes and the building task itself was also very cool. We tried all types of plane designs to see what worked best and why. Overall, lots of fun for the whole family!

May 10 2019

My son had so much fun with this one. It was easy to assemble, a super cool concept, and worked well. I loved the hands on learning and that everything was explained thoroughly. My son loved how far the plane shot out.

Mar 21 2019

This was a cool building task and all of the pieces felt very substantial. My son liked the motoring and wiring involved, and the troubleshooting tips included allowed for good problem solving during assembly.