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Ages 9+

Paper Circuits


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Use this paper lantern kit to experiment with circuits to peek into the amazing world of electricity! We all depend on electricity in countless ways everyday. Learn how to make your own paper circuit lanterns and try your hand at circuit-building challenges.

Includes illustrated blueprint instructions, materials, and a special-edition Tinker Zine magazine to learn more about electronics.

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Sep 10 2020

It was easy to assemble - directions were so straightforward that m 10-year-old grandson was able to complete the project on his own. He absolutely loves Tinker Crates!!!

Jul 11 2020

On the Tinker Zine project with the robots it was very flimsy trying to make it stand up. There should've been a base to build so it could stand up on it's own. It kept on falling over all the time. But overall my child loved the project.

Jun 1 2020

Our grandson was challenged by the projects, and enjoyed them very much.