Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Paper Dolls


What you get

Six paper dolls are waiting for you to create their closet full of clothes! Use stencils to draw your own clothes on shiny and colorful paper and fabric. Become a doll designer as you mix and match patterns, add buttons, bedazzle with jewels, and color hair. Once they’re all dressed up, tell a story about your dolls’ adventures as you stand them in front of seasonal scenes. Then wrap everything up in the handy travel folio to take with you on your own adventures!






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Feb 3 2022

All 3 of my girls, ages 3, 6, & 8, really enjoyed playing with the paper dolls. We added velcro so the clothes could be swapped out and played with again. So many different options!

Jan 16 2022

This was a real surprise hit with my 5 year old. She's played (largely independently) for several hours with it and is delighted with all of the thoughtful touches like gems/ribbons/sparkly paper. We've nearly run out of dolls to decorate which is a shame.

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Nov 6 2021

As a child I loved getting the paper dolls books and had hours and hours of fun with them . I didn't know if this was going to be worth the price but it is. The card stock for the templates and dolls is really good quality for little hands, not too thin or easy to rip. Oh... Brilliant to see both boy and girl as well as different skin tones. Colours and materials to make the clothes. A pair of scissors included too. And even once it's all been used this case can be reused for travel and holidays just add your own resources. As a grown up I know for a fact this will be a hit... Unfortunately, my 11 year old niece will probably be pestering to help her 7 year old sister with it.