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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Peek into Ponds


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Make a splash with this pond-themed crate! Discover the unique ecosystem that supports pond life, and learn how predators and prey keep a pond in balance. Create a leaping lily pad — complete with paper frogs you decorate yourself — and explore how frogs use potential energy to travel amazing distances. Then experiment with the science of sinking and floating as you make a colorful, custom aquarium in a bottle.

Extend the fun! Dive deeper into the world of Biology with FREE video and printable activities designed to pair with this crate. Learn more here.

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We knew this crate would be a hit when kids didn't want to stop making chalk art during out product testing sessions. But we didn't want to stop either!

By the numbers

Boxes of chalk used up: 2

Frog games tested: 5

Salty fish tested: 26



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Ashley D
Sep 29 2021

We’ve been subscribers for a long time! This box was so fun! I have two boys who LOVE frogs and ponds! I ended up making a second leaping frog lily pad because they both wanted one! It worked out great with the extra frogs they painted and we still play with these on the daily!

Ashley D's image 1
Jul 15 2021

We had a blast with this crate. My son carries his bottle aquarium around everywhere! This kit was perfect for my 6 year old, and he really liked making chalk art frogs and his leaping Lilly pad. The aquarium in the bottle had multiple steps, which is great because he had to pay close attention to each detail as we worked through it.

Kylee's image 1
Jun 13 2021

It's great. I bought it for my daughter in Kindergarten for her Habitat project. It was manageable for her to do alone in class after I explain to her what to do prior to class.

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