Ages 5+

Pinball Machine


Build a colorful custom pinball machine — designed by you! Create an eye-catching sign using geometric pixel art techniques, build an adjustable launching mechanism, and arrange the obstacles however you like. Then rearrange the board to experiment with angles and add to the challenge. Score!

Why it’s awesome

  1. Pixel-inspired art

    Design and doodle geometric art to customize your machine.

  2. Make it and play it

    Move around obstacles and flags to change up your game.

  3. High-energy science

    Bonus experiments and activities to explore how things move.

What’s included?

  • plastic game board set (13 pcs)

  • 2 foam feet

  • 2 foam sheets

  • marble launcher pieces (5 pcs)

  • 20 rubber bands

  • 23 brads

  • 18 plastic washers

  • 2 paper backboards

  • stackable crayon

  • 3 marbles

  • 24 plastic pegs

  • 10 paper flags

  • sticky foam (4 pcs)

  • 6 paper washers

  • explore! magazine

  • illustrated instruction booklet

Topics explored

  1. Mechanics + building

  2. Motion + forces

  3. Geometric art

Additional details

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Marbles and angles are always fun to explore, especially when you get to build a launcher and a customizable game board!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Gameboards prototyped


Marbles lost during testing


Rubber bands launched while setting up gameboards



47 reviews



    Granddaughter loved putting it together and then playing it



    My grandson and I had a lot of fun putting this kit together and playing with it afterwards. It's so easy to change the parts around to explore how to make different paths for the marbles. He said it reminded him of playing miniature golf and trying to get the ball to bounce off a wall or an obstacle, which led to an excellent discussion regarding math and physics.



    Label which side foam goes on would help. A fun project

    Aunt Micki


    This was a gift for a grand nephew who turned 10. He was able to put together by himself and we had fun playing with it.



    My 6 and 7 yr old grandsons really enjoyed this kit! They had so much fun putting it together. I would definitely recommend this pinball kit.



    My Grand daughter loved it. She is playing with that

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