Ages 3+

Pop-up Felt Play Mat


Discover pretend play that really pops. Spread out the play mat, pop up the pieces, then let your imagination loose. You can take the toy car for a tour of the town, use the pop-up houses to tell a story, or practice your sorting and color-matching skills by parking the orange car by the orange house. When you’re all done, just flatten out the pieces, pop them into the pockets, then stash them away for another day of open-ended, imaginative play! Read more

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5 reviews

    Alison E


    As advertised, it's compact and convenient for travel. I like that the variety of buildings and figures let my kids play with it in lots of different ways.



    We love this mat, it provides a lot of fun imaginative play and folds pretty compact and portable. There are plenty of felt and wooden pieces to play with. The felt pieces don’t really stay popped up very well and fall over easily so that can be a little frustrating but it’s a great concept. Love the wooden pieces!



    I’m giving it to my 3yr old grandson for Christmas. My daughter is the one who picked it out. I’m sure he will love it



    This play mat is amazing. I really love the idea, the baby can be “inside this game”. So many pieces (houses, cars, boat). And baby loves it! I would like to give all 5 stars but it was one missing piece in my set, the playground. Otherwise, the great toy, recommended!



    By far one of my best purchases! My 2.5 year old loves all the pieces it comes with! And when we are done super easy and fast cleanup.

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