Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Pretend Play + Early Math Bundle (2-Pack)

$84.95($99.90 value)

What you get

Dig into some pretend-play fun — with a side of early math!

The Pretend Play + Early Math Bundle includes two of our pretend play and early math crates — Baking and Fractions and Grilling and Sequencing — at a special bundled discount price. Both crates are delivered together, so your early math discoveries can start right away.

Ages 3+

Baking and Fractions: All you need to cook up some creativity is this solid wood baking set, complete with baking ingredients, spoons, a stand mixer, and a candle-topped cake. Use the match-up recipe cards and activity mat to count out your ingredients and identify fractions.
Individual price: $49.95

Grilling and Sequencing: Practice sequencing by first flipping patties on the play grill, then piling on the toppings, and last (but not least), serving up a brilliant burger feast. Use the magnetic menu board to match up the ingredients in order and make each burger just the way your customers ask.
Individual price: $49.95



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