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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Push and Pull Physics


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It's a string thing! Learn all about the science of string tension, and put it to work engineering wiggly, wobbly push puppets. Then craft a turtle toy — complete with colorful woven shell — that you can race using a pull string.

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included in this physics kit, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine with extra projects and activities!

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Dec 31 2019

This was one of the kiwi boxes we gave to our seven year old for Christmas. We also did the Australia one which the science behind the kangaroo was also tension. Doing three different activities based on tension has really helped her to understand it. Her favorite was building the turtles which she did almost all on her own. I had to tie it to the table leg for her race with her sister. You do need space to do the turtle race. She and her older sister had fun racing them. She liked seeing the visual of the rope getting tight (tension) then getting lose (tension letting go) to make the turtles move. She did enjoy the dancing puppets when it was complete but there were a few steps in building it that she could not do especially with the rubber band. One part they ask you to stretch the rubber band onto something that is on the bottom when the top is already on. That was difficult for me as an adult, with adult fingers to do lol. Other then that though, the puppets work great and again really show the ideals of tension.

May 8 2019

Learning to engineer the project was fun and engaging in addition to practicing coordination to make the turtle. My son especially loved the turtles since he could race with his sister. I enjoyed the puppets to generate interest and curiousity from my kids!

Mar 12 2019

The crate worked well right away and my son was absorbed in this activity from start to finish. I liked how the puppet show and the turtle races were different from each other, yet both applied the concept of tension.