Ages 3+

Rainbow 3D Paint Set


This paint will really stand out on your craft projects! Add textured designs to fabric, paper, wood, and more. Plus, this permanent paint won’t peel off. So your artwork will last on a wall or in the wash!Read more



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    So much fun to play with! I bought this Rainbow 3D Paint Set for my 7 year old who loves Art and doesn't have regular art classes in 2nd grade. She misses art so much so I try to have classes for her myself at home and sign her up any chance I can get when I find online classes. She had never used this 3D paint before but when I showed her what it could do she was amazed. She immediately made a big picture of her other love - Numbers - from the Numberblocks show and I'll happily buy her more to keep her creative side blooming. I highly recommend this 3D Paint. Just make sure to use a surface that won't wrinkle or wilt with the paint. Also make sure you let it dry before interacting with it or it'll smear.

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