Ages 1+
Ages 1+

Rainbow Ball Run


What you get

Sharpen your little one’s looking and listening skills with this colorful ball run, complete with a set of towers that make a musical plink-plunk sound as the ball bounces along. Challenge your baby to find new ways to play — from using an extra ball to moving the towers around to change their shape and rhythm. All the while, your little one will be practicing auditory processing, fine motor skills, visual tracking, and more!


  • Tallest Tower: 10.75 in
  • Shortest Tower: 2.25 in
  • Total Length: 25.75 in





From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Our early designs were pretty complex. But after watching kid-testers actually play with our prototypes, we realized that sometimes simpler is better. So we pared back our design and focused on the important stuff that we knew kids would love best: sound, color, and ball-bouncing motion!

By the numbers

Ball run designs considered: 16

Prototypes tested: 7

Times a designer had to fetch a runaway ball: Dozens!



16 reviews

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Feb 2 2023

I purchased the ball run for my one year old grandson and he was absolutely delighted. We have him on video laughing hysterically every time the ball dropped. This is one of the best presents I ever purchased for a child.

Jan 11 2023

This ball run is so colorful and fun! My son loves it. My only complaint is that the colored wrapping on one of the tubes came bubbled up/warped. But otherwise a really great product.

Dec 29 2022

My kids ages 2.5 years and 9 months love this toy, it is definitely one of the most reached for toys. I love everything it has to offer learning wise. I was a little disappointed that the wrapping around some of the tubes isn’t smooth and has creases or air bubbles under it. Even with that this toy is definitely one I’d recommend for littles.

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