Ages 9+

Record Racer


Put the pedal to the metal with a mechanical racing game you build yourself! Steer your car across a spinning, circular racetrack — complete with a potentiometer that lets you control the speed and moveable obstacles to make the game harder or easier. Ready to discover a need for speed — and a love of STEM?

Why it’s awesome

  1. Mechanical gameplay

    Build a steering mechanism for your racer’s drive system.

  2. Make-it-move electronics

    Build and learn with real components and hands-on circuits.

  3. Level up your play

    Create custom games with tricky obstacles.

What’s included?

  • wood set (34 pcs)

  • 12 barrel bolts

  • 13 screws

  • 4 clear spacers

  • metal washer

  • obstacle set (14 pcs)

  • 12 track clips

  • 3 zip ties

  • 2 sticky foam sheets

  • track hub

  • tri wrench

  • screwdriver

  • car

  • magnet holder

  • motor

  • potentiometer

  • 4 AA carbon zinc batteries

  • battery pack

  • illustrated instruction booklet

Topics explored

  1. Mechanical linkages

  2. Electronics

  3. Mechanical games



9 reviews



    This was a favorite!



    My nephew assembled it (9yrs), and has taken it everywhere to challenge everyone to beat his record. Great project.

    Stevie J


    Our classroom is really enjoying Record Racer. My Special Ed students are attempting different speeds with various obstacles. However, the speed differentiator is very precarious. One must turn the dial about 1/3 of the way on before it starts going, and then the race "jumps" into high speed. We're learning how to work with it and compensate. It actually adds another level of difficulty for my students, and that's not all bad!



    This is one of the best KiwiCo products we have purchased. Our grandsons love KiwiCo kits and have spent liked this one the best. It's one of the sturdier kits, it works extremely well, and is great fun to play with when completed. The boys 11 and 13 built them mostly themselves. The 13 year old built his all by himself. He had to tear down and rebuild several sections because he didn't read the instructions, but eventually got it working correctly in about an hour or two. The 11 year old, likewise, didn't read the instructions, but got everything right except the steering mechanism. I had to fix that for him. They have played with them for hours.

    Diana Proost de S G


    Great quality, fun project for kids that like games!

    Awesome mom


    My kid loved it

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