Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Robot Sewable Circuit


What you get

Explore wearable technology, conductivity, and the science of sewable circuits! Sew up a soft, flexible circuit using conductive thread, add LEDs, then craft a robot keychain whose eyes light up when you touch its hand to its belly. Ready to glow?




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Did you know electricity can flow through thread? With conductive thread that has metal in it, it's possible! Sew a open circuit and make your robot light up by completeing the circuit with one push!

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Apr 12 2021

Amazing product and experience. Clear instructions. Well made. We loved it. Worked on it with my sons together ages 5 and 9.

Mar 25 2021

Great project. My son learned a bit about circuits and enjoys his robot. Definitely required parental help. Wouldn't be an independent project until closer to 10 I think.

Mar 20 2021

Did this with my 9 and 6 year olds. We all had a lot of fun and great teaching moments on circuits and electricity. Some KiwiCo activities they have been able to figure out together on their own. Small pieces to sew made this a little more tricky so I helped them out. Was a great family activity.