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This pack includes all the materials and instructions to make 6 rockets (with 2 jumbo straws) and blast them off into the air. There's no limit to the fun and games you can have with these self-powered spacecraft! Enjoy the activity during a party or gift it as a favor.

Each Party Pack comes in a mini-version of our crate, with gift tag and handle. Select the color of your crate to match your party décor.

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Kristen B.
Apr 17 2013

I loved them. A great and useful choice over the usual stuff you see in party favors.

Andrea L.
Mar 1 2013

They were a unique and fun party favor. Very affordable. Interactive alternative to a cheap plastic toy that gets thrown out in 5 minutes. High quality materials with color options and beautiful packaging. I was very impressed! It was wonderful and so well put together for even the littlest minds to figure out :) You guys are the best! Keep it up!

Harriett M.
Feb 22 2013

Great packaging - big hit at the birthday parties. need love these, just need more options for boys!