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Ages 7+
Ages 7+

Roller Coaster Physics: Ferris Wheel


What you get

Become a thrill engineer and build twisty, turny roller coasters. Construct a mechanical Ferris wheel that lifts marbles to the top. Then add tracks, pegs, towers, and more to send marbles zooming around the ride. Explore kinetic and potential energy as you make two kinds of roller coasters: one that crosses over itself like a figure eight and another with a loop-the-loop. Ready to build a rad ride of your own?




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

The pegboard design was inspired by old-school wooden coasters and their scaffolding. Plus, all the hours we spent playing Roller Coaster Tycoon as kids!
Behind the Design

By the numbers

Roller coaster designs tested: 12

Kids who tried out the crate: 20

Marbles lost: 3



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    Apr 19 2023

    This ferris wheel is very challenging to put together. My grandson and I are still working on it. He was most excited when we got as far as being able to have the marble be picked up and moved to the top.

    stuart bruckshaw

    Feb 28 2023

    My boy absolutely loves this, remakes it all the time, just brilliant


    Feb 25 2023

    The kids loved the box! They have been enjoying playing with it. The only issue is one of the square base plates is bent and will not flatten out so the set is not complete as sent. ?

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