Ages 8+

Robot Crawler Classroom Pack


Inspire a class of young engineers with this classroom pack of 10 robot crawlers. Students will build motor-powered robots that walk (and even race) to explore linkages, friction, and mechanical energy. They’ll also experiment with variables, test the results, and redesign the robot to make it as fast or strong as possible. The project is broken up into multiple suggested class periods and serves 20-40 students.Read more

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2 reviews

    Mrs. Simons


    The kits and provided instruction guide is AMAZING. THANK YOU. One of my kits had a a missing wheel (which my student swears was not in there) and one battery pack was inoperable. The extra the parts provided helped out with the battery pack, however we are still trying to find something to replace the wheel. Thank you for making great kits for teachers. I split the 10 with a teammate so the cost wasn't unreachable.

    M Davis


    The kit was awesome and the kids loved it. The only thing that was confusing is that the face plate where you place googly eyes and draw a face was no where in the instructions. The kids had to take apart their robot to get it on. They were frustrated, but made it work. Thanks!

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