Ages 5+

Science of Cooking: Bread & Butter


Discover the delectable science of cooking while making your very own baked goods and buttery spreads — from fluffy dinner rolls to cinnamon swirl loaves to tasty garlic butter! Learn how yeast makes bread rise (and shine). Conduct an experiment with globs of gluten, and explore how this elastic goo gives bread its chew. Read all about emulsion, and how cream transforms into butter. Ready to sink your teeth into kitchen chemistry?Read more

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We wanted to find an easy way for kids to check the water temperature. Finally, we got inspiration from parents on the team, who remembered using this type of flexible temperature strip as a gentle way to check their babies for fevers without inducing (more) crying.

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Recipe variations developed


Loaves of bread eaten in-office


Big flour messes

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