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Ages 5+

Science of Cooking: Mini Cakes


Be a baker and a cute-cake maker! Discover how delicious chemistry turns flour, sugar, butter, and other ingredients into cake with a 55-page illustrated cookbook. Learn beginner-friendly decorating skills, and use them to make cute creatures. Then, use your new baking skills to dream up new designs and bake the day away!

Why it’s awesome

  1. Yummy recipes

    Cookbook includes recipes for 9 cake flavors and 2 kinds of frosting.

  2. Tools of the trade

    Use real baking tools like a mini cake pan, digital scale, and more.

  3. Delicious creativity

    Learn decorating skills to make your own incredible cake creations.

What’s included?

  • cake pan

  • sifter

  • 2 decorating bags

  • piping tip

  • 2 twist ties

  • digital scale

  • illustrated instruction booklet

Topics explored

  1. Chemistry of cake

  2. Cooking + math

  3. Decorating techniques



1 review

    Paula P


    Fascinating, educational, fun and delicious. The cutest cakes ever. My 9 year old granddaughter has been "baking" since she was 2 with her older sister and me, but always with lots of help. She could do this project with minimal help and she was so proud of herself and the results. Directions were clear, she learned so much using a scale, measuring and mixing. She skipped the salt in the second batch, still lots of sodium from the baking powder, they came out even tastier and still easy to decorate! She LOVED this kit!

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