Ages 14+

Soap Dispenser


Get ready for hands-on tinkering . . with squeaky-clean hands! Harness the power of pumps and switches, and rig up a mechanical soap dispenser that works with the push of a button. Explore the science of peristalsis, then deep-dive into the history of human hygiene — both good and bad!

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    This was so much fun to put together with my class. My students were really proud to use the soap dispenser they built.



    My kid had a great time building this and insisted that we all wash our hands frequently afterward. Score! The reservoir tank for the soap came with a crack. We used guerrilla tape to seat it so the build could continue. Then, the tube got sliced by the rotor wheel that does the compressing for the peristalsis. This led to soap leaking into main body of the dispenser. The wheels started to rust overnight. I contacted Kiwi Crate and a new kit is heading our way. Hoping it comes together better to allow some longevity as my kid was very excited to have made something we could also use.

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