Ages 9+

Spin Art Machine


Play with physics to create beautiful art! Engineer a motorized spinning platform, then load your machine with paper and drip paint to make it splatter. Experiment with different resistors and speeds to see how your art changes — and voila, you’ve made a masterpiece!

Why it’s awesome

  1. Colorful creations

    Drip paint pens come in 4 bright colors.

  2. Play with electronics

    Use resistors to change the speed of your motor's spin.

  3. Spinning science

    Discover how centripetal forces create your colorful art.

What’s included?

    Topics explored

    1. Electrical engineering

    2. Motion + forces

    3. Art + design

    Additional details

    From the desk of the product designer:

    Behind the design

    When you look at it, the project looks like a simple box. The coolest part is actually hidden. Building and customizing the electromechanical guts is where the real fun is.

    - KiwiCo Product Designer

    By the numbers


    Number of speed settings


    Paper holder prototypes made


    Big mess made during development



    22 reviews

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      More materials?


      My 6 year-old and I built this together. It was so much fun to construct. My kid is delighted by the art they can make with this kit. I wish it came with a greater range of colors (or primary colors we could mix to make new colors) and more paper. We used all of the paper (~10 4.25 x 4.25 pieces) in 2 days . Where can we refill the art supplies?



      I was really impressed how this kit mixes art and science together. Both my children and I learnt about centrifugal forces and resistors. it was a fun family project and child (5+) needed some help to put the fiddly bits of this kit together but it was a joy to work together and see the final results.



      Make The Spinning Wood More Sturdy Because Mine Broke On The First Piece Of Art.



      My 8 year old completed this on her own. This is her first ever kit and she can't wait to do more. You can look on Youtube for step by step directions by KiwiCo. Very helpful for kids that are visual learners.



      This was a HUGE hit in our house!! My 7 year old needed help with assembly (mainly with the breadboard and resistor part). She was SO proud that she helped to make this. Additional paint color choices would have made this even better (maybe red, so that some of the colors could blend to make new colors?).

      VK's image 1

      Erika B.


      7 year old son loves this project. Even though for ages 9+ he was able to build it with minimal adult assistance. It is very cool to make different spin art creations. The two things I would recommend KiwiCo to add to the crate are 4 additional empty paint droppers to add other colors and a paint syringe or other tool to easily refill the paint droppers.

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