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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Spinning Science


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Use this engineering toy kit to make a drawing top, a penny top, and a blow top to explore spinning science! Then, engineer your own tops that wander, wobble, and spin, and customize them to be the champion of spinning-top games!

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine with extra projects and activities!

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Laura B.
Feb 20 2018

We really appreciated the variety of activities. I do the crate each month with my grandkids ages two to eleven. The variety gives me ways to include all of them, and they all enjoy the activities. The explanations help a lot, also. I can discuss the concepts with the older kids. The younger kids listen in and learn at their own level, and their comments can surprise me by how much they have learned. The two year old commented, "It spins and spins and draws circles!", when we were doing the marker spinner. It showed her understanding of what spinning is, as well as shapes and colors. One note - The penny spinner was a bit of a problem. The pennies didn't fit tightly enough and when it was spun, they had a definite tendency to go flying. We had to be sure to find them all so that the two year old wouldn't find them and eat them.

Julie H.
Feb 17 2018

Everything is easy to put together and is perfectly suited for the hands and mind of this age group. The many options of games allow our daughter to see the physics of the spinning top.

Jen H.
Feb 10 2018

This crate kept my 5-year old busy for 3 hours when we opened it. And he keeps coming back to it. He loved inventing his own spinners and trying new ideas. It opened up conversations about physics. Again, I'm impressed that the instructions are clearly written and that he can read them himself and understand them with no frustration. Please tell your writers they are doing a great job! My son also really enjoys the Explore magazine and the cartoon. The drawing top was especially cool. We loved that it came with everything we needed. Very easy to just open the crate and get started! Thank you!