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Dec 15 2022

Got this for my kiddo got Christmas, and unfortunately, he saw it before it was wrapped. I relented and let him have it early and they've been inseparable. It's so soft and cuddly. Firm, so not squishy like a squishmallow, but super cute. Good sized, too. Perfect for bedtime snuggles.

Oct 26 2022

A lot bigger than I thought! Had great weight to it! Would buy again!

Cuddly Kiwi
Oct 7 2022

We got Plushie as a gift for our rough and tumble two-year old grandson. The item was received promptly and undamaged. It is soft, yet still firm enough where it will not stay deformed when squished. The texture is smooth. The eyes are smartly embroidered. This prevents the concern of button-type eyes being removed and posing a choking hazard; smart thinking! The carrot shaped nose is the ideal carrying handle for dragging and slamming. At the end of the day it is the right size to snuggle with and sleep. Maybe a line of Australian animals might be a future idea. Thanks!

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