Ages 1+

Tap and Go Spiral Activity Tower


Tap, roll, hide, and find to support independent play! Practice gross and fine motor skills with this spiral activity tower. Place the ball directly on the ramp to watch it roll down, or tap the ball through the hole with the mallet. When the balls reach the bottom, lift up the back door and start from the top!

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Why it’s awesome

  1. Go, ball, go

    Roll balls down the ramp with the help of a wooden mallet.

  2. Change speeds

    Explore “faster” and “slower” with balls made of different materials.

  3. Peek-a-ball

    Peekaboo door at the bottom stops balls from rolling away.

What’s included?

  • spiral ramp tower

  • 1 wood ball

  • 1 plastic ball

  • 1 wooden mallet

  • grownup guide

Topics explored

  1. Independent play

  2. Cause and effect

  3. Motor skills

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2 reviews



    Super engaging toy with different ways to play. I got this for my daughter when she was about 12months old and she's even more obsessed with it at 16 months. She drops the ball from different areas, she tests how hard she has to push, she's only just discovering the door and how to use the hammer to push the ball through. I rotate this one and a different car ramp racing toy (LE) she has and I think she likes this one better.



    The secret swinging door and mallet mechanism adds more features to play with than the Lovevery version of this toy.

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