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With this astronomy kit for kids, build and construct a planetarium to explore the night sky and see how it changes throughout the year. Wire up your planetarium to model the motion of the stars and observe how the night sky changes.Read more

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We wanted to bring the magic of space indoors. What better way to do that than a planetarium?

- KiwiCo Product Designer

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    The kit was fantastic, and he loved putting it together. He LOVED going into a dark room to run a star show . There are several things that should be improved: 1 - the foam stickers barely held on, and the planetarium pieces constantly threatened to come off the ring - I ended up using scotch tape to tape them all down while he moved on to building the other pieces. 2 - the kit is great, but he could not find information on which constellations were which anywhere, not even on the tinkerzine (I checked - nada)- and I tried to find a printable, but it hasn't been so easy (still haven't succeeded) - it would be great if a one-pager with labeled constellations (just the ones on the planetarium) were provided, so he could identify the constellations in his 'star show'.



    This was a fun kit and we used it as a nightlight for a while afterwards.



    It was unique and my granddaughter loved it.



    This crate led to a lot more family time once we decided to start star gazing at night! We did more research on th concepts we learned and went outside to explore more.



    The kit is very well thought-out. The construction is challenging without being beyond the target age-group, and the booklet is a great accompaniment full of useful, intriguing and interesting information in a very accessible format.



    Another great activity from Tinker Crate! Astronomy is a subject that has so many topics, but being able to specify how the sky changes throughout the year through specific niche topics was excuted very well.

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