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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Holiday Tree (2-Pack)

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Discover STEAM learning this holiday season — with a Christmas-tree-making crate bundle that’s perfect for learners big and small. Craft a tabletop tree using fuzzy green pipe cleaners, then decorate it with beads, bells, and other amazing ornaments. Then concoct a cool chemical solution, use it to build a chemis-tree that grows snowy crystals overnight, and learn all about the science behind snowflakes! Ready to spark a little holiday spirit (and a love of hands-on learning)?

1. Little Tree
Make and decorate a kid-sized Christmas tree!
Recommended for ages 3+. Individual price: $14.95

2. Crystal Chemistry Tree
'Plant' and decorate a tree with ornaments and ribbons.
Recommended for ages 5+. Individual price: $22.95

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