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Make some music with a four-string ukulele you build yourself!Read more

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Start with Ukulele

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With monthly, hands-on builds you will develop the tools and skills to be an innovator. After all, innovators have the power to change the world.

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    My 11 year old received this as a gift. She disappeared into her room and returned an hour later with the ukulele. She said the knot tying slowed her down but she enjoyed the build. She likes these Kiwi crates but I wish they were more challenging. This was probably the longest she’s spent time-wise on what she’s received over the past 4-5 months.



    Daughter throughly enjoyed this one! She even took it to the next level and painted her favorite character, Stitch, on it. We def recommend this project! Kids look forward to these coming in the mail. They share a eureka subscription so they trade off every other month.



    These crates go to my grandkids and I rarely hear about them but this one was such a hit that I had to order another one for little sister.



    The Ukulele was well designed and sturdy, and it even stayed in tune after the strings stretched properly. The instructions were good too. A good price for a well designed kit. Adam Savage's YouTube review guided us to the kiwoco ukulele.

    Nick F


    I subscribe to three lines - two for my kids, and this one for me - and this is my favorite one that I've gotten so far.



    This was a lot of fun for my son to put together and it has a surprisingly good sound for what it is.

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