Ages 14+
Ages 14+



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Make some music (and some engineering memories) with a four-string ukulele you build yourself! Explore the science of vibration and sound waves, and discover what makes wood the perfect material for your uke. Then learn to tune your instrument and crank out some classic songs. Ready to get movin' and groovin' with science?

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16 reviews

Sep 3 2020

The pieces are sturdy and well cut; we were impressed with the wood. We were also impressed with most other parts—frets, pegs, strings. Apparently the instructions were clear and easy to follow, as my 14 yr old daughter did it entirely by herself (staying up til 1 am to finish it!) She loved the process and is now enjoying playing it.

Apr 1 2020

My son’s most favorite yet, and still getting a lot of use AFTER the fun of building it.

Mar 27 2020

After building, my son was excited to play with his Uke so we decided to take a family guitar and uke lessons. He is 6yrs old and it’s his intro to structured music lessons.