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Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Vacuum Chamber




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Creating Fun
Jul 23 2021

This was a blast for my grandson. we did all the recommendations and he loved blowing up the marshmallows.

Jun 5 2019

This crate was perfect for exploring science concepts in a fun and open ended manner. My boys loved the different experiments provided, as well as the different suggestions with household items. Three days later and the boys are still looking for different materials to put in their vacuum chamber!

Mary Carol
May 29 2019

My son was a ble to complete this project all on his own. It worked well and survived a lot of different experiments. My son had the most fun with the balloon, trying to see if we could get it to pop! He was also fascinated with the bell and the barometer. Great engineering and product quality, and a great crate with lots of opportunitites for investigation.

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