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Ages 9+

Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar


This item is out of stock for 2023. For more Christmas countdown fun, shop our other Advent Calendars. Count down to Christmas by building a snowy scene one day at a time! Unwrap a gift each day and engineer a new part of your winter wonderland. After the holidays, buildings double as storage to pack away for next year.

Why it’s awesome

  1. pretend sledders going up and down the hill

    It’s electric!

    The battery-powered conveyor belt helps sledders climb up the hill.

  2. wood Christmas houses with tree and lights

    All is bright

    Decorate miniature cottages with Christmas lights that really shine.

  3. skaters leave tracks on the rink

    Skate and spin

    Build an ice rink and skaters that leave real skate tracks.

What’s included?

  • sledding hill motor set (12 pcs)

  • 2 light strings with battery pack

  • 2 pairs of skates

  • chalk set (22 pcs)

  • 6 peg people

  • battery-powered tea lights

  • chalkboard skating pond

  • wood set (61 pcs)

  • foam set (43 pcs)

  • 12 felt tree shapes

  • 14 pom pom snowballs

  • 3 snowball launchers

  • 2 sled bases

  • 12 beads

  • 6 washes

  • pipe cleaner set (10 pcs)

  • chipboard set (16 pcs)

  • 4 brads

  • 4 buttons

  • yarn

  • clear ring set (59 pcs)

  • 7 sticky foam sheets

  • 5 sticker sheets

  • 2 elastic strings

  • 4 felt sheets

  • 4 hook-and-loop strip sets

  • 2 sticky foam donuts

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

When our kid testers saw the motorized motion of the peg people on sleds, they immediately wanted to be able to take their snowmen and snow animals sledding, too! Based on their feedback, we changed the instructions so that their air-dry clay creations could fit onto the sleds and join in on the fun!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Number of snow creatures made during development


Total hours spent running the sledding hill


Snowballs launched during kid testing



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    I am a solo mom of a 13yo boy. We love building this advent calendar together, especially this year as we recently lost my mom/his grandma unexpectedly. This is a rough holiday for us but we have this to look forward to and my son is so excited every day to open a box! We still have last year’s up as well but this year’s will be hard to beat. Very cool kit. Thank you for making our holiday a bit brighter.

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