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World Crate

The journey begins with your first crate, where you'll meet travel buddies Anya and Milo. Explore your world map and master basic navigational skills. Build a real spinning globe! Collect Atlas cards to make your own travel book, filled with fascinating facts and photos.

Japan Crate

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture! Join the celebration of Children's Day by making your own koinobori fluttering carp windsock. Use a mini mallet to take a whack at a traditional game, daruma otoshi. Follow the recipe to make delicious onigiri rice balls. Expand your travel book with pages of awesome activities and insights about Japan!

Peru Crate

Join Anya and Milo as they discover Peru. Make a fluffy alpaca and try your hand at making local textiles by weaving a mini blanket and matching chullo hat. Play an ancient tossing game called sapo and test the accuracy of your aim. Discover the mysteries of the Nazca Desert and create your own Nazca Line art. Whip up some sweet quinoa con leche for a taste of a local treat. Make music with a DIY antara flute.

Meet Anya & Milo

Meet your travel buddies, Anya the Cricket and Milo the Sandpiper. Inspired by a found globe, the little duo decide to embark on a big adventure to see the world. Join them as they journey from country to country exploring local cultures, foods, traditions, and more!

Build Your Adventure Book

Each crate features seven Atlas Cards highlighting each country’s geography, customs, landmarks, history, and foods. Try out a few Karate moves from Japan, explore the history of Machu Picchu in Peru, make delicious coconut shuku shuku treats from Nigeria, and more!

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1,004 Atlas Crate reviews

Lucy T
Apr 10 2020

We have previously done Little Passports and found KiwiCo 100% better. More fun crafts, more informative, better quality, more educational, etc.

Atlas Crate
Naomi G
Apr 12 2020

Educational and exciting to be surprised about what country is coming next.

Atlas Crate
Melissa P
Apr 13 2020

Fun educational and the perfect price

Atlas Crate
Ashley S
Apr 10 2020

My son was so excited for this kit! The activities are age appropriate, inspired conversations, and high-quality!

Atlas Crate
Velasco K
Apr 12 2020

My kids love getting their boxes each month!

Atlas Crate

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