15 Activities to Fill Summer Downtime with Discovery

Jun 21, 2021 / By Cailyn

Summer has arrived, and with it comes a lot of downtime. But KiwiCo delivers awesome activities and exciting experiments all summer long!

Explore Outer Space

At KiwiCo, we love learning about space so we sprinkled stellar activities throughout all three camp sessions. No matter their age, kids can launch into the cosmos and discover the wonder of our solar system.

Make a Jupiter Jar


Hold the planet Jupiter in your hands! Learn about the gas giant’s mesmerizing atmosphere by building your very own Jupiter jar with a KiwiCo product designer. Watch the video here!

Meet an Astronaut


What questions would your kids ask an astronaut?! Join Aden, a 9-year-old rocket enthusiast & aspiring astronaut, as he interviews Dr. Ellen Ochoa, a veteran NASA astronaut who’s spent nearly 1,000 hours in space. Watch the video here!

Launch Pop-Top Rockets


Prepare for liftoff! Learn how to design and build your very own rockets and experiment with chemical reactions to launch them to great heights. Watch the video here!

Build an Egg Drop Device


Follow along as KiwiCo product designers learn what it takes to master a stellar landing! See which designers' egg-protecting device will survive a dramatic drone drop. Draw inspiration from the designers and challenge the whole family to build devices for an at-home egg drop. Watch the video here!

Take a Summer Safari 

Adventure awaits in your backyard or at a nearby park! Say hello to a world-famous hippo and search for safari tracks as your camper learns all about amazing animals.

Meet Fiona the Hippo


World-famous hippo Fiona and her zookeeper Jenna chat with KiwiCo kids about Fiona's favorite toys, food, and what it's like to clean up all her enormous poops. Watch the video here!

Make Salt Dough Safari Tracks


Join Hugo as he learns what an animal track is and then makes his own for a game of hide and seek! This camp video is paired with printables that help bring the fun into your home. Watch the video here!

Blow a Bunch of Bubble

Bubbles are a sure sign of summertime, so we put a spin on the staple with different ways to pop and play.

Paint with Bubbles


Learn how to build a bubble snake blower and use it to paint pretty pictures. Watch the video here!

Experiment with Slime Bubbles


Discover the stretchiness of slime! Learn the science behind slime and see how well it works for blowing bubbles. Watch the video here!

Try out Bubble Tricks


From a super solution to static electricity, KiwiCo product designer Andy shows you the science behind his favorite bubble tricks. Watch the video here!

Turn Your House into a STEAM Lab

Get creative with chemistry and innovative with engineering at home!

Create Colorful Eruptions


Discover the wonder of color creation! Your little one will watch fizzy reactions unfold as they learn about colorful chemistry. Watch the video here!

Make a Rainbow Density Jar 


Create your very own rainbow in a jar! Dive into the science of density & learn how to craft a density jar. Watch the video here!

Build a Spaghetti Skyscraper


Test out the strength of spaghetti and straws during a series of engineering challenges. Watch the video here!

Grow a Garden

Put the summer sun to use and plant a flower or two!

Plant Seeds from Fruits


Discover different seeds from fruits and learn how they sprout. Then try this easy experiment at home. Watch the video here!

Build a Self-Sustaining Terrarium


Create a mini world that can survive on its own! Dig into the science of plants and learn how to build your own self-sustaining terrarium with a KiwiCo product designer. Watch the video here!

Meet a Hydroponics Farmer


Join Guari, an 11-year old aquaponics-enthusiast & advocate for sustainable farming, as she interviews the Chief Greenhouse Officer at the hydroponic farming company Gotham Greens. Watch the video here!

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