3 Tips for Building Your Kid's Kitchen Confidence

Oct 12, 2021 / By Cailyn

Your kitchen is a classroom, a science lab, and a playground all in one. It’s a place to teach your kids 21st century skills that will inspire a lifetime of curiosity. With every meal made (edible or not), kids learn to think critically, embrace creativity, and accept failure. We know getting kids to help with household activities isn’t always easy, so we designed a new subscription line to help them get excited about cooking and the family bonding that’s baked into the process!


Say hello to Yummy Crate! Unlock a love of cooking and help kids experience the joy of preparing and sharing a meal. All while taking a bite out of big scientific ideas, like biology, and chemistry. Here’s how Yummy Crate can help your kid chef find confidence in the kitchen.

1. Keep it simple.


It’s no secret that kids have short attention spans, and that is no different in the kitchen. Yummy Crate comes with kid-tested (and kid-tasted!) recipes that set kids up for success. Steps are broken down into bite-size nuggets that are easy to digest and quick to complete. Each month, you’ll get three recipe cards to collect, so your kid chef can conquer any kitchen any time!

2. Make it fun.


Kids have been told not to play with their food, but that’s not the case with Yummy Crate! Our STEAM-based approach is designed to foster fun in the kitchen with STEAM activities that explore hands-on creativity and experimentation. The Yummy Zine Magazine Kids is filled with comics, fun facts, and articles for added learning in a kid-friendly format. Giving kids permission to have fun makes them feel like they’re a part of the process, and they’ll end up creating something they’re proud of!

3. Do it together.


Everything is a little easier when you divide and conquer! Yummy Crate comes with a grownup guide that includes an easy-to-use shopping list to customize your grocery needs. Take a field trip to the grocery store and challenge your kids to find all the items on your list. This will help build confidence while shopping too! When you’re back home, divy up tasks depending on difficulty. No matter their age, there’s always something kids can help with! Little kids make great sous chefs, pouring, stirring, and tasting! If you have older kids, empower them to take on the head chef role. Kids can often do more than we think they might be able to, so let them surprise you!

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