7 Egg Drop Ideas That Don’t Use Parachutes

Feb 21, 2023 / By Drew

Get ready to have an egg-cellent time with these cool egg drop ideas! 

Egg drop challenges are a classic activity that has been a part of many science classrooms and events. When you think of egg drop solutions, you might automatically think of parachutes, but did you know that there are other ways to keep eggs safe during a fall? While parachutes are a great way to guide eggs gently to the ground, sometimes it's fun to explore methods where the egg hits the ground with a dramatic smack and still survives impact! 

Below, we'll explore various egg drop methods that don't use parachutes and how they work. Get ready for some exciting and surprising techniques that will keep your eggs safe and sound!

These methods are sure to be a hit, and they're also used in real-life scenarios to prevent fragile items from breaking. So let the eggs fly!

Plastic Container + Pantyhose

In this egg drop idea, contestants must protect their egg by placing it inside an empty plastic container and then securing the container inside a pair of pantyhose. The pantyhose are then stretched between two poles or trees, and the container is released to swing like a pendulum. The science behind this method is that the egg will not break because the pantyhose and the swinging motion will absorb and disperse the force of the impact, protecting the egg inside the container!


Tape together several plastic straws around an egg to create a pointy house for the egg. The straw will absorb the force of the fall, keeping the egg safe. The bendiness of the plastic straws can also act like a car’s suspension and absorb some impact! Note: If this doesn’t work the first time, try again with more straws. We loved the example project that Buggy and Buddy created.

Oobleck Cushion

Mix cornstarch and water in a bowl until it forms a slimy, gooey substance. Pour the mixture into a ziplock bag and seal it. Place the bag in a container and drop the egg on top of it. The oobleck cushion will absorb the impact, protecting the egg. This method is used by scientists to test how materials react to stress and pressure. Steam Powered Family created an awesome example of an oobleck cushion!


Create a frame out of toothpicks and place the egg inside. The toothpicks will protect the egg from breaking by acting as a crumple zone, which absorbs the energy of the impact by breaking, rather than transferring it to the egg. We enjoyed this example from Instructables.

Bubble Wrap

Wrap the egg in bubble wrap and tape it securely. The air pockets in the bubble wrap provide a cushion for the egg, preventing it from cracking on impact. This same method is used by shipping companies to protect delicate items!

Cotton ball cocoon

Surround the egg with cotton balls and then place it inside a small cardboard box. The cotton balls will absorb the shock of the impact, protecting the egg from breaking. This works because the cotton balls are made of fibers that have tiny pockets of air. These pockets of air compress on impact, absorbing the energy of the impact and preventing it from reaching the egg.

Sponge Cushion

This method involves surrounding the egg with sponges to create a cushioning effect upon impact. The sponges absorb the impact and distribute the force evenly, thus protecting the egg from cracking. To do this, you can cut several sponges into small squares and then stack them together to form a sponge cushion. Place the egg in the center of the cushion and then wrap it up tightly with rubber bands or tape.

The science behind this method lies in the property of sponges to absorb and distribute forces evenly. Sponges are made up of numerous tiny air pockets that can compress and expand to absorb shock. When the egg falls, the sponges compress to absorb the force of the fall and then expand to distribute the force across a larger area, which reduces the impact on the egg. The more sponges you use, the better the cushioning effect will be. So, give it a try and see if you can create the perfect sponge cushion for your egg drop experiment! We loved this sponge egg drop idea example from Lemon Lime Adventures.

Happy Egg-ventures!

We hope you really enjoy these seven egg-cellent ideas for your next egg drop experiment! Have fun and happy egg dropping!!

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