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We're in this together. To help support learning at home, we'll be sharing activities, resources, and ideas over the next few weeks. More on why we made this page ➜

At-home resources for kids (and their grownups)

Parent toolkit

Activities, tips, and explainers to help you navigate a new normal.

Join the KiwiCo marble run challenge

We’ve received videos of marble runs from all over the world. Check out some of the kid creations for inspiration!

Weekly community challenge

Last week's challenge: Create a costume using cardboard!
  • Martin | California

    Martin | California

  • Cole (5) | Canada

    Cole (5) | Canada

  • Emory | Georgia

    Emory | Georgia

  • Christian | Alabama

    Christian | Alabama

  • Morgan & Sabine | Oregon

    Morgan & Sabine | Oregon

  • Natalia (10) | Texas

    Natalia (10) | Texas

  • Emily


This week, cheer up your neighborhood with chalk art! Share your child’s creation along with their name & location:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: #kiwicocreativechallenge

At-home activities

Quick & easy projects curated for your kid's abilities!

Kitchen science experiments

Turn your kitchen into a chemistry lab with minimal materials!

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We're in this together.

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