Maker Crate

Paper Pulp Paintings

Learn how to paint using colorful paper pulp, then mount and hang your artwork with a wood frame!

Part 1: How to Work with Paper Pulp

Practice painting with pulp slurry. You can keep your practice painting as your first paper pulp artwork!


  1. Part 1: How to Work with Paper Pulp
  2. Part 2: Make a Paper Pulp Painting
  3. Part 3: Frame Your Painting

What's In Your Crate

  1. tray
  2. mesh screen
  3. jars
  4. squeeze bottles
  5. couching sheets
  6. glue dots
  7. paper pulp sheets
  8. mess mats
  9. foam sheet
  10. loose mesh sheets
  11. sculpting tool
  12. brush
  13. cookie cutter
  14. matte medium
  15. cotton cord
  16. 2 wood frames
  17. mounting paper
  18. plastic bars