Building blocks
for little scientists

Research-backed toys and advice to support you & your child every step of the way.

Lay the groundwork
for learning & exploration

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    Tailored to baby

    Get deliveries every other month, thoughtfully designed for your child’s age and developmental milestones.

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    Discover together

    Every delivery comes with expert advice and guidance to help you bond and learn with your child.

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    Made to grow

    Select from three plans, all designed with high-quality, durable materials made for a lifetime of play.

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Explore the crates

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  1. $50/crate

    The basics to help your baby learn, explore, and grow.

  2. $80/crate

    The Essentials and grow-with-me toys for their current age and beyond.

  3. $90/crate

    Everything in Essentials, Plus, and a perfectly-paired book.

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Explore the fundamentals
of Panda Crate

  • A baby lying on its back, playing with a dangling toy from Panda Crate

    Developmentally appropriate

    A curriculum of just-right toys and helpful tips to navigate every age and stage.

  • A toddler learning shapes with large developmental flash cards

    Brain-building play

    Discover the tools to nurture your child's growing brain with research-backed toys.

  • A KiwiCo product designer testing items from Panda Crate

    Designed with care

    Promote healthy development with thoughtful designs and quality materials.

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    Backed by experts

    Seattle Children’s Hospital pediatrician Dr. Dimitri Christakis, MD, MPH helps develop our products and curriculum

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Meet one of our experts!

Emily Oster

Author of Expecting Better, Cribsheet, The Family Firm &
The Unexpected. Professor of Economics & ParentData CEO.

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Emily Oster, PhD, is the CEO and founder of ParentData, a data-driven guide to pregnancy, parenting, and beyond.

With a focus on empowering parents by providing the data and tools they need to make confident decisions, ParentData has become a trusted resource to get expert-backed information delivered straight to your inbox.

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    Everything in Essentials:

    1. 3-6 stage-specific products

    2. 1 in-depth grownup guide

    3. 6-10 developmental skills


    1. 1-2 grow-with-me products

    2. 1-2 additional play guides

    3. 2-4 additional stretch skills

    $80/crate + free shipping

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    What is Panda Crate?

    How are crates designed?

    How is Panda Crate tailored to the age of my child?

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    My due date isn't for a few months. Can I order Panda Crate now and receive it later?

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    What grownups are saying


    3,169 Panda Crate reviews


    Janet M

    Great products. Great, on time service

    Kaira G

    The toys were quality and wooden which I loved! Its a fun surprise for both my child and I to see the toys that arrive and it also is so helpful to have a few pieces that specifically target her age.

    Rhoda H

    The grandkids enjoy doing them and is challenging so it keeps them off of the internet games for hours!

    Tímea F

    The toys are very useful

    Tímea F

    The toys are very useful.