Preschool science toys allow kids to learn about the surrounding universe while just having fun!

These science toys and kits build developmental skills and introduce science to young learners. Explore as a family and inspire creativity and exploration in preschoolers. Enriched playtime is a great head start for learning STEM concepts, and as a bonus, kids can develop a lifelong interest in science.

Science Toys for Preschoolers

Playtime can introduce preschoolers to engineering, coding, mathematics, science lab experiments, and more. Science toys keep kids engaged in STEM by allowing them to explore and play in different ways.

  • Safari


    Embark on a wild safari expedition with 3 engaging activities and a bonus magazine.

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  • Capes Party Supply Pack (6-Pack)


    With this super-bundle of six superhero capes (three red and three blue), you and your friends will be all set to save the world! Personalize each cape with felt stickers that show off your unique superpowered persona, then get ready for a pretend play adventure.

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  • Speedy Race Cars

    $14.95 $12.95

    Create a custom speedy race car and use black washi tape to create a speedway on any surface.

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Science Kits for Preschoolers

More project-driven and experimental than toys, these science kits introduce & reinforce the concepts that preschoolers learn and explore in school. High quality components will withstand repeated play and multi-dimensional projects will keep active preschoolers occupied.

  • Numbers

    $26.95 $19.95

    Make your own playdough, then shape it into balls and roll it out into ropes to practice counting and measuring. Use the pizza mat, rolling pin, and pizza toppings to create a pretend play pizza, then divide it up into slices to share with friends.

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  • Wind


    Learn about wind with a wind-powered car, DIY windsock, and weather chart.

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  • Colorful Chemistry


    Learn about the scientific method, then put together a bubbly chemical reaction in your own fab chemistry lab. Try other color mixing experiments, make some colorful art, and learn about everyday chemical reactions.

    Crates can be purchased individually or you can buy a whole pack for the whole session.

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