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Why start with Domino Machine?

What could be cooler than a domino run? How about a robot that sets up the dominoes for you! With this crate you can build your own dazzling domino machine, then use it to help lay out amazing domino runs.

Everything you need — from materials to illustrated blueprint instructions to a step-by-step video tutorial — is included. Plus, the crate comes with 100 domino pieces and a special-edition Tinker Zine magazine all about chain reactions.

Start with Domino Machine

Fans are loving

This was the best! Our 10 year old put it together by himself and it works perfectly. He’s been spending hours figuring out the inner workings and setting up the dominos. He now wants to be a mechanical engineer!

Start with Domino Machine

The perfect STEM crate for kids ages 9-14

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Over 50 million crates of fun... and counting!

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Start with Domino Machine

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