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Pamphlet from Trebuchet Tinker Crate with clear instructions and STEM learningExample of a Tinker Crate monthly STEM box from KiwiCo
  1. Step 1 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  2. Step 2 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  3. Step 3 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  4. Step 4 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  5. Step 5 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress

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A new (surprise) theme every month

Take a peek at some sample crates

Animation of a Tinker Crate automaton machine in action.

Wooden Automaton

Ready, set—build! Dive into the mechanics of gears and cams to make a marble climb up the stairs with your own hand-cranked automaton. Discover other fascinating machines that move and continue tinkering with more DIYs.

Animation of a Coin Eating Robot from Tinker Crate eating coins.

Coin-Eating Robot

Discover robots in motion! Wire up an electric-powered droid and explore conductivity with a money-munching bot. Explore the science and mechanics behind switches, circuits, and cams (oh my!) while saving up in style.

Animation of a Drift Motorcycle from Tinker Crate.

Drift Motorcycle

Get ready for speed! Build an electric-powered motorcycle and tinker with the science of drifting. Discover the amazing engineering that goes into your model and see first-hand how a motor turns electricity into motion.

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Big ideas

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The big idea that brought Tinker Crate to life...

When we were first designing Tinker Crate, one of our advisors — a retired Professor of Science Education at Stanford University — challenged us to think about what STEM really means, beyond just “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math”.

Our response was that STEM is a key to creative problem solving, a foundation for critical thinkers, and a pipeline to innovation. Our mission in creating Tinker Crate is to help kids gain these crucial skills through hands-on activities that are also seriously fun.

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Tinker Crate!

This provides a fun way to expose my curious and intelligent daughter to STEM concepts that she otherwise would not reach in school for years.

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