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Rainbow Air-Dry Clay


Poster Paint Set


Painting Tools Bundle


Paintbrush Set


Most lovedHearts graphic

Silicone Mess Mat


Rainbow 3D Paint Set


Acrylic Paint Marker Set


Clay Tools Set


Wood Peg People


Wood Nesting Box Set


White Air-Dry Clay


Wood House Set


Wood Wands


Wiggle Eye Set


Clay Confetti Set


Embroidery Tool Set


Light-It-Up Electronics Set


Canvas Crowns


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Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Our arts & crafts supply kits are perfect for anyone who wants to tap into their creative side and build something awesome. Each supply kit comes with high-quality, essential materials for crafting. Get hands-on with clay craft materials, or keep your workspace tidy with reusable cleaning mats!

Looking for some inspiration to put these materials to use? Head over to our DIYs to see a collection of fantastic projects that you can make!