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Ultimate Clay Set (5-Pack) image

Ultimate Clay Set (5-Pack)

$49.95($76.70 value)

Paintbrush Set image

Paintbrush Set


Painting Tools Bundle image

Painting Tools Bundle

$24.95($29.90 value)

Clay Tools Set image

Clay Tools Set


Wood House Set image

Wood House Set


Painting Essentials Bundle image

Painting Essentials Bundle

$24.95($29.90 value)

Wood Bead Set image

Wood Bead Set


Blank Pillow Set image

Blank Pillow Set


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Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Our arts & crafts supply kits are perfect for anyone who wants to tap into their creative side and build something awesome. Each supply kit comes with high-quality, essential materials for crafting. Get hands-on with clay craft materials, or keep your workspace tidy with reusable cleaning mats!

Looking for some inspiration to put these materials to use? Head over to our DIYs to see a collection of fantastic projects that you can make!