Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Adventures in Imagination Bundle (3-Pack)

$70.95($83.85 value)

What you get

Go on a faraway, long-ago adventure with this bundle pack of pretend-play crates — perfect for little kids with big, big ideas! Journey back into prehistoric times to meet the dinosaurs, go on a medieval adventure full of dragons and pom-pom-launching catapults, then go on a camping adventure in your very own living room.

The Adventures in Imagination Bundle includes three of our most popular pretend-play crates — Dinosaurs, Medieval Fun, and Camping — at a special bundled discount price. All crates are delivered together, so your adventure can start right away.

Ages 3+

Dinosaurs: Play dinosaur dress-up with a costume you craft yourself — complete with a wiggly-eyed dinosaur visor and a pair of dinosaur feet. Match fossil stickers to the bones on a set of fossil cards, then press clay onto the cards to make clay fossils! Then play a dino match game to match each dino with its footprint.
Individual price: $27.95

Medieval Fun: Transform your crate box into a working catapult, experiment with angles and directions, then launch pom-poms to see how far they go. Construct a wheeled dragon wagon, complete with paper strips for “fire breath”! Then build a medieval castle with a drawbridge, turret, and a cast of characters — perfect for hours and hours of pretend play.
Individual price: $27.95

Camping: Build and decorate a play campfire, complete with paper “flames” lit with a battery-powered tea light. Have a camping cookout and make felt s’mores and hotdogs your way! Then craft a bear backpack with felt stickers and a felt pocket — perfect for storing your pretend-play camping snacks or anything else you’d like.
Individual price: $27.95

• Bundle includes step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need to complete a total of 9 projects!
• Hands-on, tactile play makes ideas accessible for preschoolers.
• Each crate includes a 9-page magazine packed with fun facts and activities, plus a comic with Kellan & friends.
• Dino match game is great for solo play or fun with a friend.
• Medieval castle, dragon wagon, and catapult can all be used together to make a big pretend-play scene.
• Campfire cookout includes a wood dowel for “roasting” your ingredients.




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