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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Building and Mechanics Bundle (3-Pack)

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in Building and Mechanics Bundle (3-Pack)

Calling all budding builders and engineers-in-the-making! This bundle pack of three of our most popular crates includes everything you need to explore mechanics and building in a hands-on, heads-down way. Groove out with gravity, explore fantastic elastic power, tinker with multiple moving parts, and more — all while building projects you’ll want to play with again and again (and again).

The Building and Mechanics Bundle includes three of our most popular crates — Arcade, Marble Timer, and Mechanical Sweeper — at a special bundled discount price. All crates are delivered together, so you can get moving with mechanics right away.

Ages 5+

Arcade: Use a color-coded, easy-to-follow guide to build a rubber band–powered claw, complete with elongated handle for grabbing things from a distance. Then turn yarn, pipe cleaners, and wiggle eyes into a set of colorful pom-pom prizes. Finally, transform the crate box into an at-home claw game filled with prizes to grab!
Individual price: $27.95

Marble Timer: Engineer a marble timer that drops marbles through a back-and-forth path when you push down on a lever. Experiment with changing the path to keep different amounts of time, then use your timer to keep time while making colorful dip-dye art! Mix and match yellow, red, and blue dyes to decorate wood shapes, then turn them into zippers or keychains.
Individual price: $27.95

Mechanical Sweeper: Get creative — with science! — by using a combination of watercolor paints and salt to make textured and colorful watercolor whales. Then build a whale-themed mechanical sweeper (with your watercolor whales as decorations) to sweep up pom-poms and other toys. Build the wheel, construct the bin, and get your sweep on.
Individual price: $27.95

• Bundle includes step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need.
• Art meets science with customizable, colorful projects that inspire creativity.
• Arcade features a 13-page magazine packed with articles and DIYs that explore the science and history behind arcades.
• Marble Timer features a 13-page magazine all about timekeeping — from candle clocks to birthday songs and more.
• Mechanical Sweeper includes additional blank watercolor paper for transforming your whale into anything else you’d like.
• Mechanical Sweeper features a 13-page magazine full of whale facts and easy, at-home DIYs.




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