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Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Textured Clay Luminaries


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in Textured Clay Luminaries

Let your creativity shine — literally — by crafting a couple of candle-holders that are uniquely you. Learn to trim and texture clay with stripes, sprinkles, sunbursts, and more. Then shape and dry your clay design to make lustrous luminaries. Add paint for a finishing touch, then let the glow show.

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated step-by-step instructions, is included, along with additional art & design ideas and inspiration.

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We love that these clay luminaries provide fun decoration and light up the room in colorful ways! We hope you enjoy adding your own twist!

By the numbers

Types of clay tested: 3

Number of tools prototyped: 8

Number of lost tealights: too many to count




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May 18 2021

The project was fun, dynamic, and just the right amount of challenge for my kids. While the both vary in age, the project was adaptable to their skill level. They had fun doing it.

May 15 2021

The box was filled with everything needed for the project, as well as fun extras.

Jul 2 2020

I was given this as a gift for Christmas, and I loved making and designing it. The clay was easy to roll, and the entire process was so simple and straightforward! The paint had a gel-like consistency, but I think it was supposed to be like that because of the type of sponge/brush. I had no trouble getting the paint onto the ceramic. However, my sister had some trouble getting the paint on. I suggested a different technique to get it on, which I found was the best method. She was still struggling to get it on for a bit more time, partly because she didn't want to use my technique that worked and partly because one of her paints was completely dry. The dry paint was a silicone consistency. She did find that microwaving the paint made it a little better, though. Overall I would definitely recommend this product, but because of the struggle that my sister had painting it, I can't give it 5 stars.

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