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Ages 9+

Color-Mixing LED Crystal


Wire up a color-changing LED and explore the colors of light! Build your own crystal lamp and use the dials to adjust red, green, and blue LED lights until you get the perfect shade. Then, learn about the physics of light, the science of conductivity, and how your eyes see color!

Why it’s awesome

  1. Radical RGB

    Mix red, green, and blue LEDs to make custom colors.

  2. Light up the room

    Experiment with resistors to change the brightness of your lamp.

  3. It’s electric!

    Explore how conducting electricity works with bonus activities.

What’s included?

    Topics explored

    1. Science of light

    2. Electrical engineering

    3. Color and light

    Additional details

    From the desk of the product designer:

    Behind the design

    LEDs blend light to create a rainbow of colors. We wanted a project that really broke this down so kids could appreciate and experiment with the magic.

    - KiwiCo Product Designer

    By the numbers


    Crystal prototypes


    Switch designs brainstormed


    "Oohs" and "aahs" when we turned off the light in kid testing sessions



    4 reviews



      It was great and fun to put together but some times it’s hard to control it and it blinks.

      Aidan roberts


      I’m going to get this crate its being delivered soon I like the design I looks like a stand to a museum i really recommend kiwico I love it when I hear a video I sponsored by it I am kiwi co #1 fan



      My 10 year old enjoyed putting this together. This project fully engaged her in so many levels.



      It was fun to build and it’s a good design.

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