Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Mini Journals


What you get

Learn paper making and bookbinding techniques to make journals for your thoughts and doodles!

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated step-by-step instructions, is included, along with additional art & design ideas and inspiration.




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

“Anyone else make their own paper in elementary art class? Some of us had fond memories of sending cards out of handmade paper, so we wanted to share that experience and make it a canvas for creativity.”
- The KiwiCo Product Design team

By the numbers

Types of paper tested: 11

Papermaking techniques tested: 6

Journals made and sketched in: 18

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5 reviews

Jul 24 2020

cool crate, enjoyed by whole family

Dec 31 2019

I bought up three kiwico boxes for each of our daughters for Christmas this year. This one went to our ten year old whom likes to doddle in little journals. She was able to do it almost all by herself. The only issue she had was threading the needle. The first time she followed exactly what the instructions said to do, but after the process she looked over the inspirations on the back on the instructions and has been making a list of what she wants to do next. For example she wants to cut up a fake feather and put that in the cover. It allows her to experiment with different textures, shapes and materials to see what it will look like. I also like that it's more then just putting papers together with a staple, she learned how to actually bind a book together. This was her first time hand sewing so she was pretty excited about that.

Jul 22 2019

My daughter loves art and it was so much fun. Loved that you could make a wonderful piece of paper and learn how to sew the back of the book. Was able to make 4 journals and she loves writing in them.