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Ages 14+
Ages 14+

Eureka Crate Back to School (2-Pack)

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Get ready for the new school year with our Eureka Crate 2-Pack. Limited time only. Recommended for Ages 14+. Qualifies for free shipping!

Both projects delivered together.

1. Soap Dispenser
Get ready for hands-on tinkering . . with squeaky-clean hands! Harness the power of pumps and switches, and rig up a mechanical soap dispenser that works with the push of a button. Explore the science of peristalsis, then deep-dive into the history of human hygiene — both good and bad!
Individual price: $34.95

2. Trashketball
Put the "fun" in functional by engineering a linkage-powered trashketball game. Explore the history of basketball technology — from the invention of the game to the evolution of hoop design. Harness the power of parabolas to aim, shoot, and score with science (while cleaning up your room)!
Individual price: $34.95

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